to support creative courage and presence in leaders who contribute to the greater good in the world, themselves and their orgainzations 


for women who are yearning to go from visions, dreams, and ideas to authentic action, and to express themselves with power and presence



let go and get unstuck: improvise, surprise yourself, generate fresh ideas coming from intuition and improvisation

be inspired: refresh yourself with mindfulness and perception exercises in a one-of-a-kind location

move your body: make some noise and move, and get your body supporting your message


get clear: do guided exercises to clarify what you truly want to create and get going on it right away

feel safe to be vulnerable: have the space to express fears and desires you rarely talk about, while being listened to with attention and respect

experience a "bigger" you: receive voice training to support your unique point of view with power


learn life-changing tools: go home with methods to create paradym shifts in yourself and others and the confidence to create change

evolve a creative mindset: shift your mindset to embrace creativity in everyday life and express your ideas with clarity & confidence 

connect with like-minded women: make potentially life-long "power partnerships" that'll champion you more than most friendships can


We're Laura and Sharmishtha, a colourful mix of scientist and artist, corporate and academic, mother and not-yet mother, city-person and village-person, stillness and action. We believe there's no one correct way to live life to the fullest and we love diversity in creativity. We believe that it's time for women to take a more proactive role in imagining and creating a brighter future and we can begin to tell our stories in a way that inspires action. Our coaching and creative mindset tools are specifically designed to help you dig deep and create impact by connecting with the power of curiosity.

Sharmishtha Dattagupta, Ph.D., is a trained coach and facilitator who works holistically. She brings her deep connection with nature, her many years of mindfulness practice, and her sharp analytic mind, well-honed from over 20 years of working as a scientist and academic, to her coaching practice. Born in India and having lived in the US and Germany, cultural competence comes naturally to her. Read more at Sharmishtha's website Dãna Coaching.

Laura Carmichael brings together skills from 25 years in the performing arts with 15 years as a corporate trainer in leadership and communication. She grew up in the US and now lives in Amsterdam where she is on the faculty at THNK, School for Creative Leadership and Innovation. She has also worked as a trainer at the Royal Tropical Institute for Intercultural Management, and as a senior trainer at Executive Performance Training. Read more at Laura's website Serious-Play. 

"This is deep and practical work!"

“A safe space where I could experiment and bring some ideas into the light that I have been keeping within. I generated a few new ideas and it was great to connect with such dear and caring women. I moved beyond doubt and fear without it needing to be a big dramatic shift. I felt supported in my process and desires, and I left with great action steps that I believe I will actually take. I would highly recommend True Colours for women at a crossroads who desire something new in life, professionally or personally.” 

- Yolanda Jansen, Amsterdam, International Not-for-Profit MarCom specialist & Founder CuriosityConnects; participant in "True Colours" weekend April 2018

"The great gift of True Colours is that it's a live, in-person, group experience. It snapped me right out of the 'it's all about me,' or, 'it's all on me,' attitude and reminded me that my dreams, my ideas, and my path are always in relation to others. I tend to want to hide out in my imagination, but I've come to realize that no matter how beautiful, well thought out, and organized my inner plans may be, reality involves engaging with others. I gave voice to a new project idea and was able to witness how it landed with people, gaining insights I never could have gained from an online course or a book. I moved from feeling like (hesitantly) 'I have an idea ...' to feeling like (no big deal) 'I'm already doing this ... and am now looking to develop it ...' With each module/session, I had another opportunity to start living my ideas."

- Heather Heise, Los Angeles, architecture project manager; participant in "True Colours" weekend April 2018

"My experience at the True Colours Workshop was one of discovery of variety of tools that I can use in diverse situations to inspire creativity and action, both professionally and personally. Laura and Sharmishtha are an excellent team. They offer effective, clear and professional instruction, and activities that provide practice for expanded awareness and creativity. Their original tools and impeccable delivery offer high impact and value for women looking to flush out an idea or project. To top it off, the location and food were fantabulous!"

- Kathleen Anderson de Miranda, Uppsala, Sweden, founder at andersondemiranda.com; participant in "True Colours" weekend April 2018

"This workshop, even short, was so powerful. The exercises were spot on, and fun! I really believe that good coaching is fun and enjoyable. I didn't say easy, because stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy. But let's be honest, it's thrilling. I've been working on a book for months now...it's slow and frustrating, and then exciting, and then scary. It's not easy to coach me, because I know a lot of “tricks.” But this workshop, wow. It was different than the same old recipes, blueprints, strategies. This is deep and practical work. My favorite combination! If you can make it, then you really should."

Marie-Louise Corompt, France, social entrepreneur, nutritionist, coach; participant "Get Unstuck" webinar



 The weekend of Aug 31 – Sept 2, 2018 (starting at 10:30 on Friday, ending at 16:30 on Sunday)


DROOG DESIGN COMPANY in the heart of buzzingly creative Amsterdam. We find perfect alignment with Droog Design as their focus is creativity on matters that affect society, where work is "anti-disciplinary". We hope you'll be as inspired by this location as we are!

droog design's inspiring work space

another inspiring workspace

fairy-tale garden with a synthesis of nature & art

cafe at Droog

restaurant serving delicious organic food


We work in English but can offer on-the-spot translation in German, Dutch & Hindi. We're happy to modify any exercises to make them accessible for women with disabilities.


exclusive group of maximum 12 women so we can give each person individual attention


Tuition is €1500 (including 21% VAT; €1240 exclusive VAT), which includes 8 units of curriculum (more than 18 hours) with two experienced coaches + two delicious biological lunches on Saturday and Sunday 

Fees do not include accomodation, breakfast, snacks, and dinner 


optional follow-up group checkins and peer-coaching will be offered after the workshop

5% discount on up to three follow-up, online or in-person one-on-one coaching sessions with either Laura or Sharmishtha to be held within one year after end of workshop


We're curating a select group of women for this workshop, in order to create a vibrant and supportive atmosphere. Therefore, attendance is by application only. Please tell us more about you and your reasons for wishing to join the TRUE COLOURS workshop in the application form. If you have a discount code, enter it in the application.


Creating Trust

We'll create an atmosphere of trust and openness and set the intention for the workshop

Creating Physical & Vocal Presence

Laura will lead us through voice and physical presence excercises 

Creating Beyond Fear & Self-Doubt

Sharmishtha will faciliatate bringing awareness, humor, compassion and curiosity to inner voices of fear & doubt

A Walk on the Wild Side – Your Inner Creative Genius

Sharmishtha will faciliate a deep connection with your inner genius and you'll get alone time to explore your surroundings with her

Improvising with your Full Range of Expressive Colour

Laura will guide you through improvisation and embracing imperfection as powerful tools to express your creativity

Private Work Time & Coaching

You'll get private time to crystalize your ideas with support from your peers and coaching from Laura & Sharmishtha

Creating in Silence

a deep inner process of letting solutions emerge from within, in silence

Making Your Ideas Tangible

You'll get a chance to present your ideas to the group, and recieve feedback/coaching from us and your peers

True Colours in Life webinar & forum (optional)

Post workshop follow-up webinar to support your ongoing journey. You'll also receive peer-support through an online group forum