"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you're heading" - Lao Tzu


  • You feel exhausted or burnt-out and long to refresh and feel energised
  • You've been putting off a dream or a vision and would love to reboot your creativity and bring ideas to life
  • You know that life has something greater in store for you and you're keen to reset priorities and take authentic action

Join this retreat to be supported by a professional life coach and start creating a life you love!

We'll carefully curate a maximum of 16 like-minded people for this retreat. To apply please schedule a free-of-cost 30–45 minute "chemistry check" appointment with your coach, Sharmishtha, where together we'll gauge if this retreat is right for you:


clarity to lead a more intentional, authentic life  

powerful tools & mindfulness practices to apply in daily life  

detox of mind & body through fresh air, movement in virgin landscapes, nourishing meals with indigenous Himalayan ingredients

new energy, inspiration & creativity through deep sharing, laughter and unforgettable encounters

deep connection with yourself, nature, and like-minded people  


Sharmishtha Dattagupta, PhD is a professionally trained facilitator and founder of Dãna Coaching. Her holistic approach to coaching integrates connecting with nature, balancing body & mind, and tapping into inner resources of analytical intelligence, intuition and innate wisdom. Several years of mindfulness meditation and a dedication to personal growth have given her the presence, clarity, and compassion to listen deeply and support lasting transformation in her clients. READ MORE…

What participants of previous Dãna Coaching nature retreats have said: 

From confusion to clarity! Sharmishtha, your way of coaching is simple yet effective. Thank you for being part of my journey of life"

"The Himalayan retreat “Journey to your authentic life” was an unrivalled experience! Being in nature, hiking, and sleeping outdoors combined with coaching resonated perfectly with me. I very much appreciated Sharmishtha's intuitive work, her openness to adjust the schedule to our needs, and the daily impulses she gave, which were crucial for getting in touch with different aspects of myself. Our individual coaching session clarified a smouldering topic, and her way of careful listening, being present, and asking the right questions throughout the journey helped me uncover my next steps to an authentic life.”  

"The Stillness Retreat was a very intense, beautiful and special experience for me, and I believe I will tear up from my memories of it for a while to come. Thank you, Sharmishtha, for this wonderful offer and your loving, warm creation of our time together. It never fails to amaze me what life brings me when I remember to listen deeply. I have learnt a lot from you and I am truly grateful for that."

We'll carefully curate a maximum of 16 like-minded people for this retreat. To apply please schedule a free-of-cost 30–45 minute "chemistry check" appointment with your coach, Sharmishtha, where together we'll gauge if this retreat is right for you:


The Pause Button retreat will take place at THE GOAT VILLAGE, Dayara Bugyal. Located at 2130 meters altitude and known for its scenic beauty, this village retreat can be reached after a roughly 400 metres walk from the road head. The accommodation is a mix of beautifully carved wood, stone & glass cottages and condominiums. There is also an option of pitching tents. 

The Goat Village Dayara Bugyal is a social enterprise and all-women's initiative supporting ancient, regenerative farming practices and restoration of the local economy. It offers several opportunities for hiking, vegetable harvesting, wood-fire cooking, connecting with local village communities, and eating ancient varieties of food known for their detoxifying and health-enhancing properties. Since the location lies outside the zone of mobile phone connectivity, it is perfect for a tech detox and for immersing in a lost era frozen in time. 


This retreat will be offered in months of Nov- Dec 2018. Exact dates will be decided based on the convenience of the participants. Also, we've designed this retreat to make it possible for you to join us for a time period of your choice. Please let Sharmishtha know the length of the pause you wish to choose during your chemistry call with her. 

4 days


Included in the price: 

  • Daily group coaching and mindfulness practice sessions
  • Accommodation in wooden condominiums (dormitories)
  • All meals and non-alcoholic beverages (prepared with local ingredients)

 7 days


Included in the price: 

  • All features of the 4-day option
  • A scenic, moderately difficult and enjoyable two-day trek to Dayara Bugyal and overnight stay in tents  

 10 days


Included in the price:  

  • All features of the 7-day option
  • A one-on-one deeply transformative coaching session with Sharmishtha
  • A rejuvenating day trip to the Gangnani hot springs  

Excluded in the price:  

  • Stay in twin-shared wooden cottages: you may request these for an additional cost of INR 1000 per night and a maximum of 4 people can opt for this
  • Visa, travel, and health insurance. Please note that we can help you to organize shared travel from Dehradun airport to The Goat Village Dayara Bugyal.
  • Porterage of luggage, if needed
  • Any expenses arising out of unexpected changes to the itinerary, due to reasons outside our control

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